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Handmade Italian Treeless & Flexible Saddles that are kind to you and your Horse

Ghost Saddles Australia is the perfect choice for horse riders who demand the highest quality in their saddles. We have a wide range of saddles designed for every type of riding, from dressage to trail to working equitation to endurance.
All of our saddles are custom-made to provide the perfect fit for riders and horses alike. With our innovative designs, lightweight and comfortable saddles, and superior craftsmanship, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in the horse riding world.
Contact us today if you want to experience the difference of a Ghost Saddle.


Photo 20-7-2022, 5 38 24 pm.jpg


Ghost Saddles I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful saddle you have recently made for me in Australia. Your saddles are like a work of art and I absolutely LOVE Ghost Saddles and will never own another saddle again. Thank you for your beautiful workmanship and the fantastic service via Holistic Equine Saddlery & Tack who are amazing to deal with. Many many thanks for my lovely saddle.


If you're not getting any younger (check)

- Joints getting a bit creaky (check)

- Or simply the owner of a very silly horse with an overdeveloped sense of humour (check, check, check)

Then this saddle (Ghost Buttera) is for you!

It is the most secure saddle I have ever sat on, or rather in, as it embraces you like an armchair. If your beloved equine slams on the brakes because a stone has moved since the last time you rode this path - no problem. If he/she goes from 0-30 due to a pheasant ambush, again, no problem, you are held by the large pommel in front and the high cantle behind. I truly believe it to be the most secure saddle on the market today and am delighted to own one. 


FINALLY, I got the opportunity to have my first ride in my new saddle (Ghost Buttera) on Apollo. I went for a short walk around the round yard, as it was his first time being ridden since being started some years ago. 

Apollo seemed to LOVE his new saddle, and I am OVER THE MOON WITH DELIGHT with it's DEVINE COMFORT. It is perfectly luxurious, lightweight, and fits me and my horse so well. I love the Mattes sheepskin Girth and my custom Ghost Boots that fit like a glove!!  I absolutely loved riding in my new Ghost Buttera and am very keen for more riding! Thank you for giving horses and riders the opportunity to experience such comfort and happiness.

Photo 20-7-2022, 5 25 19 pm_edited.jpg
Ghost Saddles Australia is excited to announce our partnership with Stratton Finance, which allows us to offer you low interest rate saddle finance. Now, you can purchase the saddle of your dreams without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing opportunity.
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