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How to Order a Ghost Saddle

your ORDER

The more information you give us, the better! We need more info about you rather than your horse. Yes you read that correctly ;)

If you need a Word version, just let us know

Choose your base

Go to the 'About Ghost Saddles' page where you can read all about the 4 different bases to choose from.

colours, leathers, & finishes

Go to the 'Colours' page to view all the leather options that you can choose from. Grab a cuppa and take your time!

submit and pay your 50% deposit

Scan and email your order form to You can download a free scanning app to your phone. Otherwise a good clear photo can also work. I will then get back to you with an order confirmation for your final approval.

More about how to Order your Ghost Saddle


There are a few ways to place your order with us:

​1) Download an order form (see below), print it, fill it in, scan it with your scanning app on your mobile, and email it to You can also take a photo of your order form however we find this does not always give a clear copy of the order. Any issues just call us 03 5427 3330.


2) Once your order has been received by us, we will send you an 'Order Confirmation' email and invoice detailing the specifics of your order along with instructions on how to pay your 50% deposit (for made to order saddles only). Once you have checked all details carefully including your postal address, please confirm all is okay via a return email.


3) Then you can make your 50% down payment as per instructions on your invoice/order confirmation and await an ETA from HEST, if not already advised.



4) Place your saddle order via our online shop. This is the fastest way to get your order underway and this is the only way you can pay using a credit card (unless you come to our showroom in Woodend Vic). If you would rather only pay the 50% down payment, then use the manual order form method detailed above or choose the option below.​



5) Simply email your saddle order to without using an order form, and just type your requirements in an email and I will confirm with an 'Order Confirmation' email back to you as detailed above in steps 3 & 4.

​6) Patiently wait for your gorgeous hand made custom saddle to arrive. Made to order saddles take an average of 4-12 weeks to arrive depending on how busy the work shop is in Italy.​​​

Order Forms
Order Forms

Orders can also be placed by completing one of the order forms below. This is the best option as the order forms help you to work out exactly what you need to order. We will then confirm your order with you in writing via email.

Please note that all saddles are available to order in any of the real or synthetic smooth 'leather' and any of the real or synthetic suedes (Lorica). 

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