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Saddle Care

Congratulations on your new Ghost saddle! Follow these tips to enjoy your saddle for many, many years to come!


How to take care of your saddle:


Suede is best protected with a suede and nubuck leather protection spray, such as Scotchguard. This is particularly useful if you have ordered a light colour. Follow the instructions provided by Scothgaurd or spray manufacturer.


Keep Suede looking new by using a suede cleaning kit, Suede does tend to get a shine to it after a few decent rides, so the kit will keep the nap of the suede lifted. Google ‘suede cleaning kit’.  


Oiled leather and oiled Nubuck can be cleansed with a simple glycerine leather soap or handy Leather Wipes by Oakwood. When the leather is becoming dry, apply saddle leather oil by Oakwood's. Apply it with a soft bristled clean artist’s brush.


Julia leather can be maintained the same way as the oiled leather above.


Lorica (synthetic suede) can be cleaned with a sponge with lukewarm water, it does not need to be oiled or sprayed. 


Try to keep the Velcro clean – Google ‘Velcro cleaning brush’. This brush is also excellent for maintaining the sheepskin on saddle pads and accessories.


Do not dry a wet saddle near heating, in the full sun, or a campfire. Always let it dry naturally indoors out of the sun and away from heat.


If you remove the panels for any reason, make sure you put them back symmetrically.


Check your saddle on a regular basis, making sure that there are no loose rivets or screws. Make sure all the straps and billets are in good condition. If you see any damage, please contact us. It’s very easy to replace them.


We trust you and your horse will have many happy hours of riding together 😊


Thank you for choosing Ghost Saddles.

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