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I wanted to post a picture of me in my new Buttera, the sweat pattern from our first ride was PERFECT. Oh my gosh, so comfortable and secure I feel so safe in this saddle, we traversed some very steep country on our farm and the Buttera did not move at all. I wish I had found you sooner and not wasted so much money on other saddles. I will never own anything but Ghost from now on. Really looking forward to getting my Buttera Elegante in black. Thank you for your professional service and fantastic products. I'm a Classic Princess and I LOVE Ghost. Carla F.


If you're not getting any younger (check)

- Joints getting a bit creaky (check)

- Or simply the owner of a very silly horse with an overdeveloped sense of humour (check, check, check)

Then this saddle (Ghost Buttera) is for you!

It is the most secure saddle I have ever sat on, or rather in, as it embraces you like an armchair. If your beloved equine slams on the brakes because a stone has moved since the last time you rode this path - no problem. If he/she goes from 0-30 due to a pheasant ambush, again, no problem, you are held by the large pommel in front and the high cantle behind. I truly believe it to be the most secure saddle on the market today and am delighted to own one. 


FINALLY, I got the opportunity to have my first ride in my new saddle (Ghost Buttera) on Apollo. I went for a short walk around the round yard, as it was his first time being ridden since being started some years ago. 

Apollo seemed to LOVE his new saddle, and I am OVER THE MOON WITH DELIGHT with it's DEVINE COMFORT. It is perfectly luxurious, lightweight, and fits me and my horse so well. I love the Mattes sheepskin Girth and my custom Ghost Boots that fit like a glove!!  I absolutely loved riding in my new Ghost Buttera and am very keen for more riding! Thank you for giving horses and riders the opportunity to experience such comfort and happiness. Ailie G.



Hi Di, just wanted to let you know - my saddle (Ghost Buttera) has arrived and we did our first big ride in it today. 20 km, lots of trot and canter and I love it! Feels much nicer for his back and so comfy for me too! It feels very secure on his back and to ride in! I think I mentioned, he broke his wither a couple of years ago, and this is the first saddle that sits properly straight on him, I'm so pleased with it. Thank you so much for all your help! :) Mel D.

The biggest telling factor in Trooper, was riding down the first big steep hill away from the house for the first time- I didn't realise how much he had been tensing up down hill, as the first three steps he was tight and hunchy through the shoulders with his head up, and then he realised it didn't hurt anymore! He let out this huge sigh, stretched out his neck, and just power walked down the hill in a straight line- no zigzagging or dawdling, and he's been like that ever since. The Ghost (Barocco) doesn't slip forwards onto his shoulders (like every single other saddle I've tried over the years has done), it just stays where it should. I've never been so utterly thrilled with a saddle in my life- the older grey gelding's wither pockets are starting to fill in as well and everybody is commenting on how much it has changed my position for the better. Everybody that's ridden in it has loved it too. I can't thank you enough!! Cheers, Beth G.

HEST and Dianne were great to deal with when ordering my new saddle. She kept me updated on the progress of it's making, allowed me to devise my own payment plan and make some last minute changes. Always pleasant to deal with and very happy with my purchase. I'll be ordering some more horse equipment from Dianne soon! Emily P

Di is very knowledgeable and definitely not a hard selling type, she wants to help find the best possible fit for horse and rider. I can honestly say, from the first time I put the saddle on, my horse thanked me! He moved better, was more forward and in subsequent days he ceased shifting about and trying to walk off when I went to put the saddle on so he is definitely happier in this saddle!! He now stands rock still while I saddle up and snoozes, LOL. I absolutely love my Ghost Saddle, it is so comfortable and I feel very secure. Naturally correct fit is paramount as they are of no use if the horse isn’t comfortable but I really felt that Di was absolutely honest and if she didn't think it would be the right fit, she would say so. These saddles are a thing of beauty, the quality of the leather is really the best I have ever seen in saddles. Trudi R

An absolute pleasure to deal with! The saddle I ordered was customised to my specifications and is outstanding quality. I have never owned such a beautiful saddle before. Di was a pleasure to deal with. She answered my many questions thoroughly and with pleasure. Victoria S


A great service full of knowledge patience excellent top quality products all delivered with a smile. Would shop here again and again. Susan S

 Your customer service is the best. You can make magic happen and even with short notice. Andrew and I can't thank you enough xx Tina M

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