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Cavallin Treeless Saddles are handmade by Ghost Saddles in Italy These saddles are a crossover between a sophisticated bareback pad and a treeless saddle. This unique bareback-saddle has 3 parts: a treeless pad with inserts and lined with thick wool, the “base” with cantle and the girth straps, that spreads the pressure over a large surface and holds the sturdy Velcro stirrup attachment, and finally the uber comfortable seat for the rider made of real sheepskin. This construction will adapt to your needs as well as your horse’s.


Avaialble in Square cut, Round cut, or Wildcut.


Please see Cavallin Saddle page for more information. All Sheepskins are subject to what is in stock. Please reach out for photos of sheepskins available

This listing is for a base model. Many upgrades are possible. Just reach out :D

Cavallin Mandriana Saddle

GST Included
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