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Technical Information
Technical Stuff
What It's Made Of

Ghost Base

The base - the core of your GHOST saddle - is made from layers of strong and flexible material:
• Micropell (synthetic leather)
• Montecchio (fabric from Nylon and Polyurethane)
• Carbon (reinforcements around the stirrup- and rigging)
• Bio-thane Granite (belting)
• Steel (2mm inside the arch)
• Stainless steel for rings and studs

The bases are available in 3 seat sizes and 2 pommel widths. There are now 3 Ghost bases to choose from excluding the Cavallin Bareback Saddle base. Please read about the different bases here



The Ghost panels are included with all new Ghost saddles. They attached to the underside of the base via strong Velcro. They are available in a few different thicknesses and densities'. We prefer to consult with you personally to work out the best panel for you and your horse. The #3 panel has a Velcro opening on the topside where the foam inserts can be accessed and easily adjusted or replaced. #4 panel is fully enclosed and is more rigid than the #3 panel. New option - XL (Extra Wide) Velcro opening panels, great for those really wide horses, but may also provide more stability for slab sided horses. 



The base and panels determine the fit to your horse, the seat changes the looks and gives support to the rider. The bases are available in 3 sizes: Standard (largest =18" English), Piccolo (17" English) and Bambini Smallest = 16" English). It is extremely easy to switch the seats out. Your saddle can change from a dressage model into a saddle for hacking in minutes. See Saddle Range page for all available seat styles. 

Panel Length 

It's super important to remember that weight bearing is not the full length of the panel.

Due to the flexibility of the saddle, most of the riders weight is carried in the middle of the saddle with less being distributed to the front and rear of the saddle.  This is one of the many reasons why Ghost saddles are perfect for short backed horses. Plus the new Iberian models are even shorter!

Ghost Saddles - Bambino Panels: 51 cm
Ghost Saddles - Piccolo Panels: 53 cm
Ghost Saddles - Grande Panels: 56 cm
Iberian Saddles - Bambino Panels: TBA
Iberian Saddles - Piccolo Panels: 50 cm
Iberian Saddles - Grande Panels: 54 cm"
adjustable panels.jpg
Panel Types and Construction
Panel Length
Panel Construction
Saddle Pad Length
Saddle Pad Length
saddle pad sizes.png
Seat Dimensions
Seat Dimensions 
(Does not apply to the Iberian Models)
Long Flap Models
Short Flap models
Seat dimensions.png
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