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The Ghost Buttera USA Western Saddle is the ultimate choice for horse riding enthusiasts who value both style and functionality. Handmade with the finest quality materials, this saddle offers superior durability and comfort. Its unique design ensures the most secure saddle on the market, allowing you to ride with confidence and ease. The Ghost Buttera USA Western Saddle also promotes an optimal rider position, making it easier to maintain balance and control while riding. Experience the ultimate in comfort and performance with this exceptional saddle.


The Ghost Buttera USA model has western skirts with integrated panels. These skirts can be added to any Ghost model, meaning that any Ghost model/seat style, can be converterd to a Western model. It may not be such a great match for long flapped models such as the Lipica or Torino, but it can still be done.


Fenders can be ordered seperately with 1 or 2 straps. 2 straps adds more rider leg stability.  The neck of the fender (where the stirrup goes) is standard at 3". Other widths also available, just email me: Fenders and Stirrups not included in the listed price.


The suede seat is super grippy and oh-so-comfortable! Helps riders with wiggly legs as the grip keeps your lower leg nice and still. Super close contact too which is awesome for treeless saddles!


Available in many different leathers plus synthetic materials also.


The Ghost Saddle has been completely redesigned by a team of leading Treeless Saddle experts. It is a versatile saddle that fits and adapts to an extraordinary variety of horses.


The Ghost Saddle is balanced and secure, even on the most difficult to fit horses. 


These panels have special foam inserts, and are adapted to take additional shims. 


The overall structure of the saddle is self-adjusting, making it suitable for many different shapes/sizes/breed of horse. Perfect if you have more than one horse to ride!


The Ghost seat is ergonomic, comfortable and feels much narrower than many hip-wrenching treeless saddles on the market.


There are two stirrup attachments; one for a more forward GP position, the other for a longer-leg, classical position. The addition of thigh-blocks increases the rider’s security.


♥ The Ghost has more of a “twist” to the seat than other treeless saddles which means you feel less wide at the hips.
♥ It has a very close contact feel.
♥ It allows you to sit in the correct position without force. 
♥ There is more than enough protection for the horse.
♥ The panels can be adjusted and also filled with different or extra material. (adjustable panel only)
♥ The thigh rolls offer support and rider security without getting in the way.
♥ The girth straps are adaptable in position and make the saddle very stable. 
♥ It is light weight (4 – 4.5 kilo’s)
♥ There are no hard parts, the saddle is very flexible and adapts to the shape of the horse. 
♥ Two positions for stirrups.
♥ No girth or stirrup-strap going over the spine like in many other popular treeless saddles! 
♥ Manufactured in Italy from environmentally friendly leather, no child labour involved.
♥ The seats are interchangeable to any style you like as long as it is the same size.
♥ A choice of materials including Leather, Nubuck, Oiled Nubuck, Wool and Synthetic materials are available.
♥ Available in three sizes, Standard, Piccolo and Bambini.
♥ Very well priced for quality, workmanship and design.


Ghost saddles are the perfect choice for pleasure riders and those participating in longer trail rides, as well as riders focussing on schooling and training. We do have several competitive Endurance Riders enjoying remarkable success with the Ghost saddle. However, as with any saddle for this discipline, we always recommend a suitable endurance numnah and regular checking, especially for distances over 40km.


Leather is a natural product and every batch may differ slightly in texture and colour, particularly brown. Please note; colours may look different on the computer screen from reality. Oiled leather is sensitive to scratches: clean then apply a drop of oil or leather-balm to affected areas.


Price is for saddle only. Available in Soft Oiled Nubuck, Italian leather, Nubuck or Synthetic Materials and a choice of colours.   

For customers outside Australia, please visit to find our list of local agents.


Price is for a base model with out mounts. Accessories available seperately.


Once your order has been received, we will be in touch with you to discuss your colours and required accessories.

Ghost Buttera USA Western Saddle

$2,670.00 Regular Price
$2,403.00Sale Price
GST Included

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